Bansko stands out among the Bulgaria mountains skiing venues


In Bulgaria, mountains cover more than one-third of the territory so it’s far from any surprise that the country appears to be among the favorite skiing destinations recently. But it wasn’t always like that – at the turn of the century winter sports activities were less popular with locals, what to say about foreigners. Bansko was much smaller back then and Borovets and Pamporovo have been dealing with hard times. Everything’s different now.

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Surprises and compliments to be found buying a Borovets lift pass

The oldest winter resort in Bulgaria comes up with some fresh offers to snowy sports lovers. The weekdays will be no more boring with the new Borovets lift pass which will be introduced for the start of the 2017-18 season. The special bid this winter is dedicated to boosting the hype of otherwise more calm days between Monday and Friday. A seasonal card for available on weekdays including night skiing and costing 500 BGN (roughly 250 Euro) – that is a hit proposal. For kids and young adults up to 22 years, the opportunity is even more appealing with 300 BGN granting access to the slopes for any given Tuesday or Thursday this winter. A perfect option for university students who typically rely on a limited budget.

Borovets Ski Pass

Youngsters benefit from the fee for the seasonal Borovets ski pass too – the card including the weekends is considered a good bargain costing 700 BGN (350 Euro). Children younger than 7 years ride for free anytime. The regular price is 500 Euro and taking into account that the Rila resort stands a lot closer to Sofia than Bansko and Pamporovo, such number might be seen as a good deal if you are about to hit the slopes whole winter. No exception for the dark hours – the skiing is available at night for the same money.

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Niagara Falls – what to see in the area?

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

Sooner or later everybody catches himself dreaming of a visit at the Niagara Falls. It is strange and colossal God-made wonder, that leaves us breathless, even when looking at it on a picture.

Few people can find words to describe the magnificent feeling you have once you saw the falls beneath your feet. You can stay there forever speechless, wondering how can the nature be so genius and perfect.

However, the vacation in the area usually lasts several days and everybody will agree that just staring at the waterfall can be boring at some point. That is why it is a good idea to get to know the surroundings better and find more special places, as there is plenty of them.

While you stay around the Niagara Falls, make sure you tried close look at the water by going in the base of it or even behind. There is forty-five meters long tunnel behind the falls and a visitor’s station at the lowest point of the falls, which will make it possible for the water mist to reach your face.

Second best suggestion for those, who want to get to the basics, are the Hornblower cruises. The boats will guide you to the lowest points of the three waterfalls and will make you completely wet.

Those of you who soaked enough, can try something less watery. There are special aerocars that will give you the opportunity to see the river, surrounding the falls. It is very calm and clean, but not less beautiful. Visitors, who feels like they had enough mind-blowing experience, try just a simple walk in the sunshine amongst the nature. The so-called butterfly conservatory, that can be seen in the Niagara park, will impress you for sure. Where else will you see more than two thousand butterflies, flying free and fearless.

Make sure you did not miss to wander around the streets of Niagara-on-the-lake. A small city on the Canadian side of the waterfalls, it offers great entertainment to its visitors. First go to the local art gallery – RiverBrink Art Museum. Over one thousand masterpieces are there on display – papers, paintings, sculptures and others. As one can expect, the influence of the waterfalls can be seen.

You will be really lucky to catch the season of the Shawn Festival. It is famous theatrical event and very respected one as well.

Niagara-on-the-lake is also great for shopping, especially in the center.